Pricing & Fitting

Combined Fitting Discounts:

Where possible we will pass on any savings for having multiple products fitted at the same time so if you have a shopping list of products please feel free to use the fitting estimates to get into the ball park but don’t forget to contact us directly for a customised quote.


Fitting Estimate:

At JeepKonection we are always trying to ensure that our customers get the best deals.  You may have noticed that we have provided you with fitting estimates for all applicable products and these can be considered firm for un modified, factory standard vehicles however we reserve the right to adjust our fitting prices to accommodate any aftermarket accessories you may already have fitted but only where they impede or affect the installation of the new product.  To avoid any delays in fitting services we recommend customers who have already modified their vehicle to contact us prior to installation to discuss how these mods may affect the installation.


Clean Vehicles:

We respectfully request that when you drop off your vehicle for any fitting work that the vehicle be cleaned paying particular attention to the underside.  If a vehicle is considered too caked in mud we reserve the right to have the area to be worked on cleaned and will charge a $100 cleaning fee.